Law Enforcement

AgNav Consulting upholds the highest level of service for those who uphold the law to protect the welfare of animals.

Are you a Law Enforcement Agency and need help conducting animal neglect mistreatment investigations or expert witness testimony?

AgNav provides training for authorities who conduct animal neglect and mistreatment investigations including the areas of evidence collection, logistics and case building. AgNav also provides training in extreme animal rights activism tactics, protests, farm/retail invasions, crisis response and emergency management.

AgNav has fifteen years of experience and helped numerous local, state and federal law enforcement agencies conduct animal cruelty investigations ranging in scope from single animals to large livestock operations and animal fighting.

Trainings offered:

  • Humane Livestock Euthanasia for Law Enforcement Officials
  • Animal neglect/mistreatment case building
  • Animal Nutrition for Investigators

Expert witness experience:

Livestock Management
Equine and Livestock Production
Herd Management
Animal Husbandry
Equine Care and Keeping
Animal Protection
Animal Nutrition
Henneke Body Condition Scoring
Body Condition Scoring Cattle
Body Condition Scoring Horses